Written Journalism in Print & Online

The Rise of ‘Soft’ Holocaust Denial – The Tower Magazine
Reflections on the Planned Parenthood shooting – The Huffington Post

The Lawrentian:
Lawrence student arrested on charges of possession of child pornography
Sexual Harassment and Assault Resources and Education Board updates policy
Community Council passes housing legislation before transition
LU Community Council President and Vice President elected
Rob McCarthy named Lawrence’s head football coach
Richie Incognito’s NFL scandal pt. 1 & pt. 2

Documentary Film & Video

Interview-Driven Documentaries:
Forgotten History — This film is about parallel experiences of Black students at Lawrence University throughout the school’s history. Chronicling the institutional racism in the town of Appleton and at Lawrence, Forgotten History provides a brief glimpse into experiences that go ignored all to often.
¡Adelante! — ¡Adelante! chronicles the obstacles faced by undocumented Latino youth in the Fox Valley. The individuals featured were brought to the United States between the ages of 3-8 and raised as Americans.

Experimental Video:
Spaces of Diaspora — Diasporic Spaces is a video reflection on my Jewish identity, employing several different documentary forms to convey a sense of spiritual connection to both abstract and concrete spaces. The video structural imitates a musical composition with four movements. The first movement is a prelude, while each of the three movements that follow contain two parts: 1) montages of physical spaces accompanied by narration and 2) music with complementing, explicitly representational visuals.
Lost & Found
— A unique approach to the loss of innocence theme, this documentary features my narration, my mother and my favorite toy, Woody from Toy Story. Lost and Found is a true comedy.
Drowned — This is a poetic reflection on the experience of drowning, filmed on Super-8 mm film stock.
Poem I — I made this poem for a Steinway that I once knew intimately.

Found Footage Projects:
Conversations with Jim Zwerg — Jim Zwerg is a former freedom rider from Appleton, Wisconsin. In 1961, Zwerg was beaten unconscious in Montgomery, Alabama, and images of his bloodied face made national headlines. The central interview was conducted over the phone with Zwerg, while all other video and audio was gathered from public domain or fair use sources.
Conversations with my Grandfather — My grandfather, a Jewish refugee from Lybia, explains a traumatic childhood experience from WWII. The Interview and opening images were gathered in person, while all other visuals and audio are from public domain or creative commons sources.
Confirmation — On Oct. 23, 1991, Clarence Thomas was confirmed as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. During his confirmation hearings, Anita Hill was asked to testify before Congress on alleged sexual harassment perpetrated by Thomas in the workplace.

Commissioned Promotional Work:
Civic Life Project — In the summer of 2015, I interned for the Civic Life Project, a non-profit that provides comprehensive courses to high school and college students in documentary filmmaking and civic engagement. Part of my internship involved the production of a short, promotional piece. I also made a promotional video for their 2016 Election Film Challenge.
KidsGive — KidsGive’s mission is to educate students in the U.S. about Western Africa and promote informed giving, while also providing children in Sierra Leone with the opportunity to learn and become the next great leaders of their generation.
Wesley Varughese, LUCC Presidential Campaign — Mr. Varughese won the election.